Monday, January 17, 2011

Tips on Being More Mindful

At some point in your life, you probably have felt overwhelmed or anxious with good or bad feelings. A few years back, I wanted to find a new way to manage my anxiety filled head that was not only effective- but also healthy. I stumbled upon a book called "The Miracle of Mindfulness" and since then my life has been more fulfilling and less stressful. I can not recommend this book enough to you. 

Here are some wonderful tips that may help you if you are ever feeling stressed:
  •  Wear an elastic around your wrist for one day. Each time you start feeling any bit of anxiety about what is coming in the day, play with the elastic and let it be a reminder of your resolution to stay in the present moment. Concentrate on the color of the elastic and how it feels around your wrist. Breathe slowly and be reminded of how you feel in each and every second- rather than focusing on the future.
  • Try to meditate for a few minutes every single day. Meditation doesn't have to be fancy and can be done anywhere. It only requires YOU. Try meditating next time you are waiting in line for something. The most simple way to meditate is by focusing on each and every breathe. Simply think of your thoughts like clouds in the sky- let them pass you by.
  • Next time you go for a walk, really soak in your surroundings. Notice the white snow or the scent of a flower. This will make you have a bigger sense of appreciate for all the beauty around you.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Monday!

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