Saturday, January 22, 2011

My View on Alcohol and Drugs

Day 3: Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Enjoying an Apfel brew at Moat Brewery in North Conway
 Well, I like to drink alcohol socially. Do I think it's necessary to have a drink to be social? No. I just like to have a couple beverages on the weekend with friends. I love to try new to me types of wine (Tempranillo Granache, anyone?) or try local brews- theres so many good ones in Maine!

Over at the East Ender, they have the most amazing drink- the blood orange mule. I suggest you go try it!

 In college, I had my fun and now I am kind of over the "let's take 5 shots of Orloff and go party" phase of my life.
Serving Wine to boy :)
My roommate from UMF sent me this the other day:

Oh and drugs, I just have never ever had any desire to explore them. They scare me! With that being said, I don't judge people who do experiment and from what I've heard and researched marijuana isn't going to kill ya! That is all.

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