Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Simple Ways to Eat More Fruits & Veggies!

After paying for a new radiator in my Honda the other day, I thought my car troubles were over. WRONG. I think that purely thinking that was a bad idea- because literally two days later my cute lovable Civic is back in the shop. Poor baby. I hope they take real good care of her over at Woodford Street Garage.

And before I forget, if you have extremely dry lips.. try this stuff. It's called Rose Hip Seed Oil and can also be used for dry scalp and hands.
The oil is from Whole Foods in Portland. Along with using this stuff religiously, blistex works like a charm.

Anyway.. getting to the title of this post. I LOVE fruits and vegetables now. I used to dislike them  and definitely was one of those kids who put sugar on everything- from fresh strawberries from the garden to my bowl of cereal before school in the morning.  Ugh, fatty. haha.

Once when I was little, my dad sneakily put salt in the sugar container. That was a disgusting bowl of frosted flakes- Let me tell you!

Simple Ways to Eat More Veggies
  • Eat What You Like: I think it's great to experiment, but sometimes, stick to the original. I love broccoli so I always have fresh broccoli or frozen broccoli to cook up.

  • Roast it: Roasting really brings out the flavor in vegetables. I never liked brussel sprouts until I roasted them in olive oil, salt and pepper. Now I LOVE them.
  • Hide it: Try a green monster! This delicious concoction is simply
              1 Frozen Banana
              2 Cups Spinach
              Milk (Skim, Almond, Soy all work well!)

              Blend away until smooth in blender.

Oh yes, and I must say- you can't win every nutrition argument. Sometimes, you just gotta give in and let your roomie get some junk food :)

Oh yes, and another wonderful find at Trader Joe's..

This pasta is delicious. I am honestly not a big pasta person- at all- and because of lack of other options made this up one night. It was a little mushy because we overcookied it, but was really good- definitely try it.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! xox

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