Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, I was planning on being creative this year with Andrew's Birthday cake. He is turning the big 2-5 and after a stressful exciting year of relocating, finding a job, and living with a crazy delightful girlfriend he deserves an amazing and extravagant birthday cake.

Andrew's 23rd: German Chocolate Cake made by his Mom :)

Andrew's 24th: I thought he said he liked vanilla cake/chocolate frosting- it was the other way around. Oops.
But then I saw this and any plan of making a fancy french torte or some painstakingly difficult tiramisu went out the window. Sometimes simple is best.
That cutie in the overalls- he's all mine ladies.
Thank you, Mr. Pillsbury for making my life a little easier. Andrew will LOVE his Devil's Food chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate fudge frosting. Just as much as he would enjoy a dessert from Julia Child's Cookbook... thank you very much.

Happy Birthday Andrew. (I hope you only read this post tomorrow)

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  1. Happy birthday, dear brother!!! I'm so jealous that my mom gets to visit you guys this weekend! Have a blast!