Friday, February 17, 2012


I am so happy it is Friday. It has been a long week. Made longer by the fact that I am so anxious for my best friends to get here from Boston and New York City! I can't wait to catch up and talk all things wedding.

I wanted to share with you guys a salad I made last night. We had a few heads of romaine that were starting to wilt that I couldnt just let myself toss. Instead of a subpar salad, I sauteed some garlic on the stovetop. After a few minutes, I threw in the romaine leaves, along with some red and yellow pepper.
The pictures really don't do it justice. The romaine gets crispy under the heat. It is really delicious and was also man approved by Andrew. After I served up this salad, I made us both scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese. Bon Appetit!

Oh yea! Jamie Eason's training program is going great. Yesterday, I had the shoulder and ab work out. My entire shoulder region was burning and it felt oh so good. Theres something about lifting weights that makes me feel so powerful and good. I still havn't taken my measurements, but I'll get around to it...
Have a great weekend!

P.S I have to give my lovely fiance and his friends a shout out for painting our entire upstairs! It went from a very dull white to a calming yellow. You guys are the best!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gotta Do It

Hey All. Hope you had a good weekend.

I finally got over my week long cold on Saturday afternoon. I was wiped out all week!

Andrew and I checked out another wedding venue this weekend. Our sleepy Sunday mornings have been substituted with visiting different areas in Maine for our perfect wedding venue. We basically have this routine down to a science. We pack coffee in our thermos, make a nice little play list and hit the road.

Its funny because with every tour officiator we've met, they say "its hard to imagine with all this snow". Ha! True that.
All I can tell ya is that we won't be getting married at the Falmouth Audobon Center. Talk about poor customer service. I don't know if the officiator just hates her job because she has to deal with taxidermied animals or what. The center itself had potential, but we both were totally turned off after having to deal with her.

Friday night was pretty low key, since we were both burnt out from being sick. Andrew won't admit it, but he gets a little cabin fever when he's home for too long. I walked upstairs and he was balancing on the couch arm.

We also like to take awkward pictures when we are home for too long.
Exhibit One

Exhibit Two

Anyway, I was productive this weekend and hung two pieces I've been meaning to for a while!
Mckenzie's wonderful crafty work!
Pike Place Market Art Work.
I also started my new fitness challenge. I'm starting Jamie Eason's Live Fit 12 Week Trainer. I really hope this blog helps with my accountability and consistency! Jamie's program is centered around strenght training the first couple weeks and she says to completely cut cardio. However, I believe this is based on the fact that she has a strict diet to follow. I am going to take this into my own hands, and eat my healthy (yet more sensible) diet and do my beloved cardio!

Today I completed day 2. BRING IT ON, JAMIE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vegan Eats Recap

Hey Guys! Sorry (I'm not sorry..) that I havn't been posting consistenly. It's just hard when your such a social butterfly like myself. Well, thats a lie. I just got busy. And then I got a bad cold. Ugh.

My month of vegan eats went very well. Thirty one days of plant based foods felt really good and I am glad I tried a new to me diet. I'm over it, though. For my life style, it isn't feasible for the long-term. I felt like sometimes I was choosing a snack like pretzels over veggies because I was sick of them. Eating an unrestricted but healthy diet gives me the choice to choose a healthier choice like Greek yogurt.

 I will be trying to buy more local and/or organic products, though.

Also, did I mention I had a Back Bay Grill gift certificate to use before Febuary 28th? :)