Monday, January 24, 2011

My Life as a (Sloppy) Healthy Living Blogger Part 1

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As I near my 67th Post I still havn't gotten it down. I will forever be captivated with the beautiful pictures and always interesting posts from bloggers like Jenna, Emily, and Kath. Will I ever compete with their creative recipes and blog posts?  Who knows. Anyway, this is how a usual blogger day goes in my house:
  • INGREDIENT 1: take a ridiculous amount of pictures to find a good one for the ol' blog. Make boyfriend judge best pictures.

  • INGREDIENT 2: Almost slice into finger approximately 5x because you don't use knife correctly. Oopsies.

  • INGREDIENT3: Ransack all kitchen compartments for ingredients for recipe. Oh, and also decide you want to make your boyfriend fancy panini at 10:30 AM.

  • INGREDIENT 4: No Paper, no problem. The back of a receipt should work just fine for writing down your recipe.

Vegan Curried Sweet Potato Soup

Modified from epicurious

4 Cups Trader Joe's Vegetable Broth
2 Pounds Sweet Potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces
1 Medium yellow onion, chopped
2 Heaping Tbsp. Curry (This is a lot- but I love curry! Use less if you want)
1 Cup Milk (I used soy because it's creamier than skim)
Canola oil
S & P

Heat large saucepan with 1 tbsp oil. Once hot, add onion. As onion becomes tender, add broth and boil. Once boiled, add sweet potatoes and curry. After 20 minutes, sweet potatoes should be tender. Using a slotted spoon, transwer all sweet potatoes to food processor. Puree until smooth and then add 1 cup of broth to processor. Puree. Return the mixture to saucepan and add milk and season to taste.

Oh, its -15 in Maine today by the way. This better be the coldest day of the year!!


  1. your apartment looks so cute! I love it! I have yet to see many pictures of it, but the one I see it looks so cute : )

  2. Hi, just found your blog. I am a new blogger too, only 130+ post so far...but I am beginning to get a hang out it. I didn't think putting a post together could be so time consuming, but then having my blog has been a great experience so I will continue to do it until it's not fun anymore.

    I have been making sweet potato soup recently, one of my favorites is the Kale and Sweet potato combo. the dish takes Kale on whole new level, delicious level.

  3. that soup looks really good. i looove the wall color in your kitchen!