Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dirty (and not so dirty) Thoughts in My Head

When will the hot water come back on so I can do these dirty dishes?

Whose dirty boots are these in my office? They remind me of a scary movie. Andrew knows not to wear his shoes in the house- so they arent his...;)
My dentist said this is the best gum choice for stanky breathe and dirty teeth. Did I just say type stanky? Is that a word?

Leaving carrots in a cold oven all night will, in fact, make them look like wrinkly dirty ol' carrots. If you were wondering. And if you havn't roasted carrots before, you should do it now!
Will Andrew and I both follow through with our vague (28 days past New Year's) Resolutions?
Have you tried this coffee yet? It is delicious and cheap. Its dirty as Nelly would say...
Did Andrew buy me flowers because he skipped out on the gym Friday.. or because he really really loves me? ;)

Enjoy your Weekend people!

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