Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These are My Confessions

 Like my homeboy, Usher, I have some confessions. I am ashamed and guilty as charged.

It wasn't like I intentionally meant too.

I have visited two restaurant establishments and on each occasion, I was camera free.

These restaurants were:
Aurora Provisions is a local favorite for sure. Not only do they serve a fabulous lunch (and, presumably, breakfast) they also have an amazing bakery, catering, gourmet to go food, and lots of wine. Its a foodie's dream for sure.
For lunch, I decided to go with a steaming hot cup of the minestone soup. The soup was full of flavor and was very delicious. I also went with half of the roasted vegetable sandwich on wheat. I asked for it grilled on the panini maker, but it came cold. It was still really yummy and everyone in there was super friendly so I will definitely go back.


For lunch at Azure Cafe, we all started off our lunch with a drink. I went with a virgin Bloody Mary-- vodka at noontime on Sunday really isnt my thing :)

For lunch, I ordered the
GRILLED PORTABELLA Marinated, Grilled Portabella with Herbed Ricotta, Roasted Tomatoes & Green Leaf Lettuce 9.50

I guess they got the vibe that I am not a roasted tomatoes person because there wasnt anyone on my sandwich. Oh well. It was just okay, I wasnt very impressed to be honest with you. The restaurant had a very bar feel instead of lunchy restaurant feel, if that makes sense? My sister's salad and tomato soup were nothin to brag about either..

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying this fabulous Maine weather ;)

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  1. Have you heard of the Stonyfield Cafe?? It's in Falmouth and associated with Stonyfield Farms...the food is delicious and local/homemade and I think you'd love it. They even have beer and wine!! I went for the first time yesterday and I can't wait to go back.