Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pat on the Back

A lot of the time when I think about health, I tend to dwell on the things I did wrong:


I didn't have any food/drinks with calcium today

My meal was too carb-heavy.

I forgot to stretch at the gym

I don't know why I am so hard on myself, but it definitely isn't a healthy behavior. Health is so much more than a physical thing, so I am going to follow through with my New Year's Resolution and become a little more positive about the things I did right.

As I reflected on my day so far, I can alread count out a few things that I should feel good about and give myself credit for :

Today, I stopped by Whole Foods in Portland to search for a holistic way of curing my unbelievably dry lips and hands. I have gone through so many different lotions, gels, and pharmaceutical medicine from my doctor that hasnt done a thing for my skin.  A very helpful employee directed me to Rose Hip Seed Oil. I have started using the oil on my lips and skin and it seems to be working. I'll let you know if it truly makes a difference soon, since I know a lot of you are probably dealing with nasty dry skin too.

For lunch, I made a big spinach salad with a diced pear, blue cheese, and a big squirt of flax oil for dressing. Although, the taste takes a little getting used too, I feel good about adding this to my diet. Gotta have my Omega-3's baby!
Love this! I love reading- and I hate being a mental loafer so this is perfect.This was from the Dear Abby column in the Portland Press Herald.

So all in all, start feeling good about the things you do right health-wise. I really believe that positive thinking brings out more positive behaviors. Feel good. Do good. :)

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