Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Clean Slate

I love the New Year. It's a new start- a time to reinvent yourself. Not to necessarily change, but to become your best you.

 As I reflect over the past year, I asked myself what 3 words came to mind when I thought of 2010. I came up with these:

Stressful- graduating college, school loans, paying rent each month, finding a real job.

Exciting- having a great apartment in an amazing city with my favorite person

Unprecedented- living with my boyfriend instead of living with three girls whom I miss insanely every single day!

2011 Goals
Personal- Be more positive  ..I am a positive person at heart. However, when I am stressed or overwhelmed that goes out the window and I become a brooding depressing party pooper. Those are the times when it counts!

Physical/Nutritional- I would feel a lot better in my own skin if I could just lose that last 5-10 pounds. Plus, my jeans do feel a little tight after the holidays.. My main goal is going to be to not snack while I am cooking! It's a huge problem for me to nibble on whatever it is I am making.


Daily Exercise 1/2/2010

BOOTCAMP 55 Minutes
 Saco Sport and Fitness. If you are looking for an amazing gym to join, this is the ONE!


What are your goals for this year?


  1. Do you really drive to Saco to wor out?? I barely get to Planet Fitness! :) But I would love to take classes somewhere.

  2. I'm still trying to think of some good resolutions...I'm thinking I want to cook more this year...or eat more local foods...or run more races...I can't decide. Maybe my resolution should be to be more decisive!

  3. Your friend owns East End Grill, huh? Lucky you! I have been excited about that place since I saw their sample menu submitted with their license application (posted on I hope to check it out this weekend then! Thanks for the heads up.