Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Fun and Things You Should in your Life!

Andrew's birthday was this weekend and his lovely mom came to visit!
We had too! L.L Bean in Freeport
On her visit, they kept talking about a "koosh ball thing for knives". To be honest, I didnt quite get what they were talking about! It didn't make sense in my head until I finally got to see it. It is called the Kapoosh knife block.

Now this Kapoosh thing- it is crazy. It makes me feel like its the year 2050 and we are all riding around in flying cars.

Anyway, here it is..

This thing is AWESOME. It seriously is something I should have thought of and made millions off of. I finally understand the koosh ball reference. You can stick knives of any size at any in here- and when you take them out the black bristles form back together. Here is a video I found that shows what I mean.

And one more thing that we found on our fun adventures: this cool tripod.

Umm, now we will have even more oppurtunity to take timed good quality pictures of ourselves on:
  • Hikes
  • Boats
  • Car rides

Have a great Tuesday- the weather outside is certainly frightful today in Maine..


  1. Eliza! I love how you made a bullet point list on places you could use your tripod. That was my favorite!

  2. love the giant boot! i need one of those tripods.