Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mmmmm The East Ender

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it. Before I started blogging, I was nervous because I am pretty poor. I am definitely making rent and paying the bills, but can't always be going out to the swankiest restaurants and buying the coolest healthy products to show you guys.

So, when I do go out somewhere a little fancier than the West End Deli or Borealis for a coffee, I hope it is good and something worth writing about. The East Ender is definitely worth writing about.

The East Ender has been completely renovated  from the old Norm's East End Grill. The restaurant features two beautiful bars complete with flat screen TV's and comfortable bar stools.
I love dining somewhere where the surroundings can be a conversation starter. Look at these funky booths. Some of the tables are refurbished bowling alley lanes which actually was an argument starter for my Valentine's Day Dinner. I wanted to go bowling after our dinner but Andrew didnt. Hmph.

We started our meal with the mussels mirepoix- carrots, celery leeks, parsley, white wine, thyme.
 They were as good as mussels get. I think the best part was dipping the homemade bread in the sauce afterwards. Mmm. Andrew asked our waitress for more bread for dipping and his needs were happily met with two more slices of crusty French bread.

After so much indecisiveness on my part, we finally chose our entrees around 8:30. I couldnt decide between a burger ($10), a salad and a cup of soup (together for $10) or the pork chop ($16).

The restaurant was hopping by this point with two parties of 6, a couple deuces, and a couple parties of four. The music was tasteful and relaxing and it was so nice not to be rushed by any means to get our order in by the waitress.

After being meat-free for 40 or so days, I finally gave in to a craving for it. I ordered the Pork Chop with soldier beans, sauerkraut, and glazed carrots. Andrew went with the ny strip ($16) with sweet potato mash, pearl onions, and a "boozy shallot cream" - as it said on the menu! :)

These pictures do not do our entrees any justice.

Yum. We both couldn't stop raving about our dishes. Everything was done perfectly. The sweet potatoes were to die for and my pork chop was definitely worth the 40 day wait! This was one of the meals where we both took a bite, would look up and tell the other "oh, you HAVE to try this!" It was great.

After we finished our entrees, I ordered a coffee. The coffee is from Katahdin Speciality Coffee. It was a nice change from the Coffee by Design Coffee you get at most restaurants in Portland.

Andrew decided to get a dessert. The treat he chose was homemade apple ice cream with spiced pound cake ($6). Mmm, I am glad he decided to share a bite because it was very good!

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that you should definitely try out The East Ender in Portland, Maine for something new and wonderful. Whether you are going all out with a delicious (and great value) meal or just grabbing a cocktail, it is a delicious, lively, and wonderful establishment!


I need to share one of my favorite vegetarian lunches with you as of late, because it is such a wholesome and satisfying meal that you need to try.

This lunch is simply an avocado and hummus sandwich with romaine and an over easy egg on the side. Delicious and super healthy! It includes healthy fat, whole grains, and protein. My kind of lunch.

Have a relaxing Sunday.

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