Monday, February 7, 2011

Case of the Mondays and Why I'm Giving Up Booze

Monday has come.

Week one of no alcohol has been a success! Woo. I feel great! I am happy to say Andrew is joining me on the challenge as well. Why not commit to not drinking together?

I have chosen to not drink for a month because:
  • A glass of wine has become my way to destress. I want to depend on meditation, exercise, or a cup of tea to relax- not alcohol!
  • My pants are getting tight. A glass of wine or light beer has 100 calories. Those calories do add up, trust me ;)
  • Save a little money - or spend it on something with value (like a new duvet cover..)
If that isn't enough reason, I don't know what is.

In other news, we watched the football game down in Saco with my dad and mom.

I made this healthified spinach & artichoke dip from the awesome cook book "Cook This, Not That". It was a hit served with whole grain crackers and carrot sticks.
I am obsessed with my hometown, Saco. I get all nostalgic whenever I am there and make Andrew drive by my absolute favorite part of town almost every time we visit. Can you blame me?

Oh, and look at the difference good posture has.
Before slumpin'
Shoulders back, chest proud =)
Have a great week. Did it feel like Spring to anyone else this week?


  1. Good for you, I admire your will power. And it totally felt like spring this past week and today! I know we are going to get more snow and/or cold temps. again though, which just kind of makes me sad.

  2. Who couldn't love Saco?!? I definitely miss it...also, I love the boots. Where are they from?

  3. The pictures look super. Thanks for posting. Btw Eliza, did the Eagles win the football game?

  4. You can do it! The first week is the hardest and after that...piece of cake!
    Love your photos.
    Thanks so much for commenting on Mignardise.

  5. I completely agree about good posture- yoga helped me see I was slumping all the time and it's so much healthier for the back to have better posture.

    Good luck on the no alcohol thing- it does get easier and becomes a real treat when you do have it.