Monday, February 28, 2011

Hungry Man Approved Salad

Not every day can you get your Nosh burger loving, Rogue beer drinking boyfriend to eat a salad. And truly enjoy every bite.

Tonight, I craved a salad and all I had in my produce drawer was this. Pathetic. Our fruit drawer is plentiful with these though.

Hmm, I thought. I had heard of grilling whole heads of romaine so I tried that.

It kind of just seemed awkward to me. I decided to start over which, by the way, is totally find when you are using a piece of produce that cost you 75 cents and when you are the one making up the recipe.

I decided to put some olive oil , fresh garlic and sundried tomatoes in a pan to sautee for a bit while I cut up the lettuce. Garlic makes life better. Don't you agree?
Once the lettuce was more wilted (yet still had some good CRUNCH to it) I turned off the grill and threw a couple tablespoons of crumbled blue cheese to it.

While the cheese melted slightly over the lettuce, I fried up an egg for Andrew and I. I then set up our respective plates with my lovely salad creation and an over easy egg on top. A sprinkle of this stuff  from Trader Joe's and we were good to go. The Every Day Seasoning is a
fabulous blend of spices that you can use for almost anything savory! I love it and highly reccomend it in lieu of salt and peppah.

Perfecto! A light and delicious dinner that will make anyone in your life happy. Off to relax after day one of my 9-5 job. No more waitressing for this lady...


  1. that looks super great :) ohmygosh your boyfriend's from Naperville?! That's where I live haha! what a small world! love your post hun! xo

  2. i love crunchy textures in salads...if it's not crunch it doesn't seem fresh.
    I wish I was a waitress! I need a summer job and it's so hard to get into restaurants w/o any experience!

  3. TJ's everyday seasoning is ahhhmazing! My mom turned me on to it...I love it on chicken and in eggs

  4. that salad looks really yummy.... where do you work?
    i live in Alfred Maine.... it's about a 30-40 minutes from portland. do you know where Pleasant Hill Baptist Church is? it's in hollis (30 minutes from where i live) well, that's where we go to church.

    we've been getting some crazy weather haven't we?

  5. I work at a healthcare center. And yes I know where that church is. Cool!

    I am soo ready for summer!

  6. That's so neat! and you know where Whitehouse Rd is? the big white farmhouse at the beginning of the road (coming from Waterboro) that's where my adopted grandmother lives. (i was born in MA, and when we moved here, we kind of adopted her and my grampie [who died a few years ago] as grammie and grampie) but anyway, that's where she lives! do you know where the Oak Street Bistro is? it's in Alfred. It used to be Leedy's