Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lost in a Winter Wonderland

Sunday was one of those perfect winter days. A day that'll fondly be remembered on a hot muggy July day when your stuck in traffic on your way to the beach  Your AC hasnt worked in months and you thought you'd be able to make it through just one more summer.

Let's not go there.

Back to Sunday. I invited myself got invited to head north to Camden with my mom and dad to go cross country skiing. YES I'll go. Cross country skiing has always been a favorite winter activity of mine.

First things first, renting skis for Andrew. They were a 20 dollar rental- and I think he'd say it was worth it. Upon reccomendations from a super friendly salesman at Maine Sports Outfitters, we were directed to go skiing at the Tanglewood 4-H camp a few miles up the road in Lincolnville. What a great tip!



creeps in da forest

 After a few hours of cross country skiing, we headed over to Camden snowbowl for the toboggan shute. The shute is a fun thing to do whether you're 7 years old or pushing 60.  
Such a fun way to get outdoors and truly take in the beauty of all that white stuff.



All throughout January, I refrained from eating any meat products. I have never been a huge meat and potatoes kind of person, but it was still a challenge. I really wanted to do it completely healthfully, so I always tried to make sure I had a good ratio of protein/carbs/healthy fats for each meal. Since I am still eating eggs and dairy it really wasn't hard. It was fun to mix up things with my diet. I don't know if I'll keep with the vegetarian-ish diet, we'll see.
Meat free January

My new goal for Februrary is to not drink any alcohol. Frankly, I think a month off will do me (and my wallet) some good. Plus, bikini season is right around the corner ;) Basically, I am blogging about this to hold myself accountable.

I'll take a milk on the rocks, please.
Have a great day!

P.s photos courtesy of the ever delightful and beautiful Sandy Martin!


  1. Those pics are super, Eliza. It looks like Andrew was challenged, to say the least!

    Congrats on the meat-free January, and good luck on the alcohol-free February. Don't forget, no beers during the Super Bowl! - Scott

  2. Good luck on alchohol free February! I've tried to give up drinking, too, and it's really hard when people are like, "what are ya gonna have?" and they look at me like I'm nuts when I pass! You can do it!