Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I love to travel. My bet is that 90% of you guys do too. Traveling abroad, I liked to pretend that my house was 5 minutes outside of the city. Just a quick walk through town to pick up a fresh baguette and a bottle of vino-- home for dinner with the family. You know, I am sure you guys all do that too. I call it cultural immersion.
When really, you are going back to your sketchy hostel in an area of town that is far from homey and cozy. You decide to take chances with the tap water.. one glass won't hurt. What. a. mistake.

Anyway, what I am getting at, is I like to feel "homey" most places I go. However, the only place I have never felt truly comfortable in is NYC. Talk about overload in every aspect of the word.

I bow down to those, like my beautiful friend Kara who have decided to bravely make NYC their home. CHEERS ya crazy hooligan!
Anyway, my recent trip to NYC this weekend was such a blast. Five girlfriends, lots of wine, lots of fun.

After a night out on the town, we decided it was only fitting to try out a vegan restaurant- to you know, detox a little.

We decided on Angelica's Kitchen

Angelica's Kitchen is a vegan's dream restaurant. I am clearly not vegan-- but from time to time eating a complete vegan meal (protein, fat, carbs, lots of vitamins and minerals) can make you feel really damn good.
We started off our meal with "garlic pickled shiitake mushrooms, beets, and other seasonal vegetables". Umm, this was good but maybe it was a little too much pickleyness for me. I love dill pickles, yet this felt strange and foreign to pickle so many vegetables.

For my entree, I chose the Hot Open Face Tempeh sandwich. If you arent familiar with tempeh, it is a less processed soy product. It has a nutty taste to it. I love it.
"Slices of sourdough baguette topped with lightly marinated and baked tempeh, napped with savory mushroom gravy. Served on a bed of raw spinach, garnished with ruby kraut and a scoop of mashed potatoes"

YUM! Everything about this entree I loved. I didnt feel so bad after eating it too. The raw spinach was a nice addition for a little extra nutrition.

We did get two desserts as well- a vegan tiramisu and a maple "whip" which was kinda like a custard. It tasted gross- like the tofu flavor was shining through. I was not a fan- however the tiramisu was pretty good- for a vegan tiramisu :)

Anyway, blogger is being weird again and wont let me post any pictures. This is getting extremely irritating! Anyone have any advice?

Glad I got to post a little recap though.

Have a great day!


  1. I literally loled when I read the hostel comment. I'm completely guilty of what was mentioned before that, and I guess to the creepy hostel part as well. First night in Greece, go to sleep with meghan and 2 other ladies, wake up with half naked men in our closet sized room. not. a. fan.

  2. i'm glad you gals had fun in NY! it really is a crazy overwhelming place, but i surprisingly felt comfortable there when i went to a blogging conference in august!
    i love to travel too!!

  3. It ain't so bad! It took me about 2 years, but I totally love NY now, and don't think I could live anywhere else. What I'm baffled by is motherhood in NY. I see Moms dragging strollers up the stairs to/from the subway all the time; such a drag!