Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I learned from my Foxwoods Trip 2010

Oh Foxwoods.
I learned a few lessons:
  • That busses full of senior citizens are a little LOT crazier, cruder and louder than you may think-- If I didnt think I'd get sued I would put the video of them singing perverted songs on this post.
  • However, that same bus full of "joyful" French-Canadians are apparently good luck for me. Or maybe it just my 100% French Canadian Mimi watching down on. I won bingo once and a raffle for a Subway gift card. SWEET!
  • I love the great outdoors a lot a lot a lot. Being stuck inside a unnecessarily large hotel/casino for two days drove me crazy. I couldnt wait to get outside.

  • My mom and aunts are just as crazy and fun as I thought they were.

      We Laughed, We Cried, We Gambled....:)
    • That you can still find ways to exercise there! The gym, pool, and spa area were beautiful. I even got in a great run and weight training session the next morning!
    • That James Dorsey is Hilarious and I must see him doing stand up again in my life.
    Definitely one of the most ridiculous places I have
    Definitely a place I wont be back to for a long while.


    1. your mom sounds like a lot of fun! oh, wait a minute, that's me!

    2. I also live nearby in Cape Elizabeth (home of Fort Williams). I recently graduated from a college in Maine and follow a whole bunch of healthy living blogs. I came across yours on Taydor Tott's! So lovely to see another blogger in the Portland area, I love healthy, MINDFUL living also and have had my fair share of experiences to get me here! I Look forward to reading more from you! Not many people blog with a health-focus about Portland restaurants, product reviews etc so I'm really excited!! (p.s. didn't know how to send this as an e-mail or private comment so I just posted!)