Saturday, November 6, 2010

Awkward gym moments among other things..

The place: Planet Fitness, Portland, ME

After a sweaty 35 minute work out on the stairmaster, I am one hot mess. I decide to finish my work out with some lunges and other leg exercises.

I enter the stretching room and am relieved to see it pretty much empty. I set up my stuff in my own little corner. Water bottle: check. Weights : check. Enormously large gym bag: check.
As I am doing some leg lifts on the mat, a woman walks in, probably in her 20's like me. She looks around and for some reason feels so compelled to stretch directly next to me. Now, I am all for meeting new people but this is a little claustrophobic. As I scoot over to the end of the mat to get some space, I am pretty sure she moved along side with me.. Hrmm.. Ill be puzzled with this one for a while.

I LOVE the stair master by the way. I sware the first 3 work outs on it are by far the worst.

So, I tried another TJ's Product.
Definitely pretty boring--but nothing a little hot sauce and frozen corn can't fix. ;) 3 out of 5.

Also, I LOVE the peanut flour so far. It is like corn starch in consistency and has a light peanut taste.I have been using it as peanut butter and it is really delicious and fairly cheap. For 3.49, I got a product that will last me a few months for sure. To use it for PB, I just add 1 tbsp to 2-3 tbsp water and a dash of salt and mix. The dash of salt is necessary for it to taste good! It is a great source of protein for you body builders out there! hehe.

In other news, this has been my view of my boyfriend lately :)
He is working so hard on the fish tank! It looks amazing though :) This picture is for you, Mr. and Mrs. Harner!

 I am working tonight then maybe a drink with some people in the Old Port. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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