Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Off

Yesterday was my first day off in weeks from work. I really had no schedule besides a doctors appointment at 10 A.M and a trip to the gym. All I knew was that I needed some well deserved relaxation.

Since my doctors appointment was in my hometown of Saco, I decided to stay down there and see my sister. I was really craving samosas for dinner so I decided to find a recipe for them. A samosa is an Indian pastry that is usually filled with potato and vegetable and served along with a chutney.

The recipe I found was from The Crunchy Kitchen for a sweet potato and green pea samosa. Along with the samosa, I served an incredible beet chutney if I do say so myself.
 My sister made Chicken Curry with Cashews which was delicious, especially if you are a fan of curries like my family. I would love to try to make the recipe with tempeh or tofu instead.
Dont mind my huge sweatshirt..My house is cold :)

This is the Sweet Potato, onion, green pea and curry mixture that goes inside each Samosa.
Wine Bottle? Rolling Pin? Dont judge.

The samosas are a healthy vegan appetizer that you should definitely try!

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  1. That was delicious, esp. the beet chutney....and what a treat, having you and Emily make such a great meal! and then Kevin cleaning up!!! love it....