Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect Fall Saturday with Friends

Hmm..can you guess where we are?

I'll start with breakfast and go from there.. :)

We ventured down to Bintliff's American Cafe for brunch on Saturday morning with my sister and her boyfriend Kevin. We were celebrating my sisters new job (!!!) so I took her out.

You must go here! I suggest going during the week or on Saturday oppose to Sunday. Only if you want to wait downstairs in a line that can stretch out the door.

We all started our meal with hot coffee. Service was great and we were checked on several times to make sure we were doing okay.
I asked our friendly and helpful waiter what type of omelette was popular there. He reccomended one with roasted capers, spinach, chevre cheese, and smoked salmon. I am so happy I asked him! This was wonderful. The potatoes were good, but not great (to me). They were cut a little bit too thick and had rosemary on them which I am not really a fan of. The toast was good though.

Andrew went with 2 of the peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes. These were bigger than his head so I am happy the waiter ensured him that he would be full after 2 instead of a full stack of 3!

These pancakes were thin and slightly crispy on the outside. They were worth every syrupy sugary bite (that I stole). I am definitely one of those girlfriends who hopes her boyfriend orders something "sinful" so I can try a few bites... Who isnt?! Emily got homefries with poached eggs and veggies. Kevin got eggs benedict. I know they were both happy with their meals!

This brunch was a wonderful day to start our day.
After brunch, we headed to Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. It was a perfect day for it since the weather was about 60. Sixty.. in Maine.. in November? I cant complain at all. We havnt even turned on our heat yet-- that is unheard of!

I would post more amazing pictures of Fort Williams, but blogger wont allow me to. Boo :( Anyways, I hope you have a relaxing Sunday!!

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