Monday, January 9, 2012

Vegan Eats

Day 5 Dinner:
@ Chicago Diner "Meat Free since '83"
Vegan Dagwood sandwich w/ Kale Salad for me.
Andrew had a vegan bacon cheeseburger. HIGHLY recommended restaurant if you're ever looking for a healthy and delicious meal in Chicago!

Day 6 Dinner:
Stirfry Seitan (you can read about it here)
w/ Vegetables in soy sauce

Day 7 Dinner:
Cheese-less pizza w/ lots of veggies
Homemade vegan german chocolate cake for Andrews birthday!

Day 8 Dinner:
Stirfry veggies, serving rice noodles
Fruit w/ vegan chocolate

Day 9 Dinner:
PB & J
Veggie Baked Beans

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