Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vegan Month

Day 13:
WW Wrap
Refried Black Beans
Carrots & Hummus
Green beans

Day 14: Patriots game
Black bean, edamame, corn salad
Veggie platter of carrots, cucumbers, celery
Baked pitas (olive oil, s & p)
Homemade hummus

I really am enjoying this diet. It is pretty easy considering the fact I have always eaten lots of veggies anyway. After watching Forks over Knives and just gaining an increasing level of  awareness of how the USDA treats their meat, I don't know if I could ever go back.

Forks over Knives focuses on medical and scientific evidence to promote a whole foods diet.  I am going to take the lazy route and refer you over to Emily's blog post to read a spot on review.
I was a bit concerned about my B12 and iron levels without any meat. However, my vegetarian iron pill contains B12 so no worries there anymore.

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