Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My side of Portland

Can I say that I absolutely love Portland, Maine? After living in small towns in Maine for the first 22 years of my life, I thought any city would be too overwhelming. Which Portland is.

 I mean, how do you even begin to decide which bar to have a drink at with friends? The choices are endless. I just let someone else decide most of the time.

Or where do you go for a long walk when you could walk through the Old Port, Baxter Boulevard or on the East End beach?
My personal favorite is Baxter Boulevard.
The 3.5 mile walk or run is fairly flat except one small hill. It is so beautiful. Did I mention its only half mile away from my apartment? I am a lucky girl. There are markers every .25 of a mile. This is definitely nice. Don't be embarrased if a runner passes you on your leisurely walk twice, happens to me all the time. ;)
Anyway, now I have a new conundrum that keeps me up at night (just kidding! ... kinda)
Which grocery store will I choose?
Hannaford, Whole Foods, or the new Trader Joe's.

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