Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Good Friends, Good Food"

Tonight, we celebrated Restaurant Week at the Corner Room. Andrew and I met my friends Krissy and Megan there. Upon arriving, we ordered a bottle of Chianti at the bar. The wine list was a bit overwhelming for us. The Chianti was nothing to write home about..

We were prompty sat at our table and brought waters and our O-K wine.
The Corner Room is a beautiful and open restaurant on Exchange St. in Portland. It is a sister restaurant with the Grill Room and the Front Room. People refer to the restaurants as "the Rooms". Duh... :)

The Three Course prix fixed menu had lots of options for the 1st course appetizer but for the 2nd not so much. I generally like to go with a salad but instead decided to try the calamari. It was good, but again, nothing amazing.

The entree was a course of 3 different pastas. I went with the pasta bolognese which was yummy.
The third course was a scoop of pumpkin gelato, and you cant really go wrong there.

Good friends. The lovely lady directly across from me is opening up a new restaurant in Portland on Middle St. "The East End Grill" Dontcha just love it? I am so excited for her!

Good night.

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