Monday, December 26, 2011

the best day yet

Hi! I know this is a healthy living blog AND I havn't written in months but something completely worth writing about came alongin my life so here I am. My writing might be weak but my heart is telling me to share this memory.

On December 22, 2011 my sweet boyfriend Andrew proposed to me. It was the best day yet. I really can't help saying that because its true. I found out I get to marry my best friend.

So let me recap. A few days earlier, we had fallen asleep in the living room of our apartment watching the Walking Dead.. romantic, I know. As we woke up in the morning, there was the most incredible sun rise. The sky was dripping every color of orange, pink, and red. We were both truly in awe. Andrew gave me a kiss and said we should go watch the sun rise later that week at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. I completely threw out the idea. Andrew getting up at 6 A.M for a sun rise? The only time Andrew gets up earlier than neccesary is when we are 15 minutes from a ski mountain. :)

A few mornings later, my mom texted me and said "I'm here with the tripod". Um, what? Why? Andrew dashed downstairs to get it. When I questioned him, he said "Oh, for the fish". Okay, that makes sense. He is interested in photography and hes obsessed with his fish. I didn't really think much of it.

Wednesday night rolled along and I was heading down to Saco for dinner. Jill had invited a few of us girls over for a get together of Beef Stew and catch-up. Of course, we all got to find out about her wonderful and recent engagement. As we talked, the question of getting married came around to me. I brought up the fact that Andrew had said we were going to watch the sun rise at Fort Williams at 6 AM and as I was leaving someone yelled "Call us if you get engaged!" Umm, yea. Call you when that [doesn't] happen.

The next morning at five-thirty, I woke up to Andrew shaking my shoulders with a huge smile on his face. Ugh, I thought. He really wants to go take pictures. I remember saying three things that I wish I could take back.
  1. "I'm wearing these sweatpants and my North Face (from 4 years ago- pretty hagged out)
  2. "Im only going if you buy me breakfast."
  3. "Are you sure you want to go? Im so cranky and tired"
Wow, talk about brat.

We got to Fort Williams around 6 AM. As we drove into the parking lot, I noticed a few other cars which kind of sketched me out. Why were there other people at Fort Williams at 6 AM? The only logical explanation seemed to be that they were armed, dangerous and looking for a young couple to kill. We parked the car and Andrew said we were walking the path. I completely resisted.

"Are you kidding, Andrew?! There's rabid foxes in South Portland. Im staying in the car"
"No, Eliza theres not. I promise, Ill keep you safe"

Ugh. Okay. Whatever, Ill go with you. This may be the demise of me I thought. I usually do have morbid thoughts while doing anything dangerous -- like going to see the sun rise at six in the morning. I give credit to my mom for my paranoia.

We neared a look out on the path of the Portland Head Light. Andrew sat down the tripod facing the ocean and started snapping pictures. He gave me our older digital camera to take pictures. I got bored after a few seconds with the old camera and asked to trade. I took a few shoddy pictures with the fancy camera on tripod.

After about 15 minutes of this, Andrew told me to stand about 20 feet in front of the camera facing the ocean and looking out. I hoped this would be the last set of pictures as I was getting cold at this point. I complied and headed forward. I set my arms on the caged fence and watched the ocean swirl and crash for a few seconds. As I looked back in the camera's direction Andrew was trotting over to me with his hands in his pockets.

We took an awkward picture (above). In hindsight, Andrew was probably nervous at this point. He then backed away and pulled something out of his pocket. My thoughts at this point:
  • Andrew never uses chapstick. What is he pulling out of his pocket if its not chapstick or a hair tie? What do guys carry in their front sweat shirt pockets?
  • OMG, It's a ring. It could just be a promise ring. No, Andrew wouldn't do that. He knows Im not into those. Does he know that?
  • No way. No way. No way.
  • This is it. WOW. WOW.

At this point, we were clearly having a romantic conversation that I will never forget. Then, Andrew got down on knee and the rest is history....
Hands down, the best day yet.


  1. So glad you wrote all of this down :) so beautiful to read!

  2. I love it, you two are the cutest. So happy to have you as parents.

  3. Eliza, this seriously made me choke up a little bit. You are truly blessed and a very lucky girl. I cant believe you are engaged! (To a very lucky man it seems) :)

  4. cuties. congrats, and i'm glad your blog is back!

  5. Love love love this :) What an awesome story!!!