Monday, March 7, 2011

You a Crazy ...girl.

hey guys,

wow this past week has been quite the whirlwind. as much as I am happy with this career change in my life, it has brought on some much expected anxiety and overwhelming feelings.

for someone who has a temper tantrum when my towel for the shower isn't set out the night before, a change of career is HUGE. HUGE, I tell ya.

buy this for me?!

I have woken up almost every night dreaming of being at my office desk and screwing something up.

I am legitimitely crazy. Or it might have something to with being a female. Please don't be offended by that- I know most of you can agree with me.
Always have been a little nuts.
How am I supposed to work 8 hours, get to the gym, eat healthy AND still maintain my relationships with my friends, Andrew and my family?

Hmm, we shall see. I am still workin' on this. My workouts are not where I want them to be -- but I know that will change if I keep going.BUT Smelly Gym is really starting to gross me out..

I mean, can you really keep a facility clean with hundreds of people sweating bucket loads every day? Ugh...

Anyway, this weekend was my FIRST ONE OFF in months. It felt amazing to be able to do whatever I felt like doin'.

What did I feel like doing? Taking these babes for a walk in the Old Port definitely was high on the list.
Oliver & Fitzy- my two best buds <3

Andrew and I made steamed artichokes. They were so delicious and fun to eat. I don't suggest these bad boys for a first date though. That would be a delicious mistake.

Reason WHY they aren't first date material.

We first boiled some hot water with a big nub of ginger in it. Then we cut off the top of both artichokes and set them down in the steamer bucket. They were done after 25 minutes. For the best flavah, dip them in butter. I tried olive oil and had to pretend it was just as good for about 30 seconds...until I switched back to the real stuff.

Anyway, that is all I have for tonight. Hope your Monday wasnt too painful ;)

Have a great night !!

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  1. I'm glad you got a weekend off!
    I definitely get a bit skeeved out when I go to PF. I use the handsanitizer a bit too much. :)

    Hopefully the relaxation from the weekend carries over into your week!

    And steamed artichokes sound perfect.

  2. haha sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :) xo artichokes are SOO good! xo