Monday, September 23, 2013

"The Limos Here"

Ah, where were we?  My lovely sister, mom and I were chillen at home getting our hair done by my dear hair stylist Anton. I was so relaxed. Seriously. I was just in my own little world knowing that the day was already turning out perfect. The weather was on our side, everyone was happy, and it was MY WEDDING Day. While we were doing the final touches my gorgeous bridesmaids walked in from their hair appointment at Illusions looking fly as ever.
Later on in the day
Everyone completed their final touches, and I had the chance to finally see my hair. It was exactly what I imagined. Anton curled all my hair and then pinned half it up. I never imagined my hair being in a full updo for my wedding so this was perfect.

Let me mention, that during this time my amazing mother was completing the crudite & cheese platters. My mom prepared so many vegetables, delicious cheeses and crackers so that I wouldnt have to spend over $1000 on a cheese platter.

Soooo, during this wonderful time of getting ready, I had a surprise in store for me...
I had been under the impression we were all going to drive over to the venue in our own cars which was completely fine with me. About 25 minutes before we planned to leave I heard my dad, who had gotten home from golfing, ask my mom "When is the driver going to be here". My mom shh'd him right away.  Ooh, limo huh? Several minutes later, when I asked my mom who my wedding dress would go with - she replied back with "the limo." and looked rather disgusted with herself thinking she had let the cat out of the bag.
  About five minutes after that, my bridesmaid Megan also dropped the ball on the limo. It was a pretty hilarious sequence of events.
Fake Surprised!!
While us girls were getting in the limo, the guys were having their own fun back home. 
Clyde perplexed by that marriage thing.

To be continued..



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